Work-Place Yoga

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Whilst the thought of seeing your CEO in yoga pants may not immediately bring a smile to your face...Work-Place Yoga gives you many reasons to be happy. Here are just some of the benefits:

The Individual

  • Free Yoga Classes

  • No travel time (or faffage)

  • No intimidating studios

  • Meet more colleagues

  • Peer pressure – the good kind that makes you attend Yoga!

  • Increased confidence on and off the mat

  • Improved posture, vital for desk jobs

  • Improved breathing, which calms the mind

The Group

  • Improved focus and alertness

  • Increased energy levels in the office

  • Boasted immunity, resulting in fewer sick days

  • A more flexible body leads to a more flexible mind

  • Reduced stress, which leads to better communication between colleagues

  • A massive boost to morale as staff feel valued by their employers and spend time bonding as a team

How it works:

  • Set-Up: Arrange for a free yoga session to give your staff a chance to try. Sessions will then be tailored to suit the team’s requirements e.g. Vinyasa to boast energy, Hatha to improve posture, Mindfulness to calm the mind - or a mix of all 3!

  • Booking: Decide on a weekly time that best suits your staff/colleagues, then sign up for an 8 week trial.

  • Payment: Payment is made by the company, with sessions being invoiced monthly in advance.

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