Celebration Yoga

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Looking for something a little different for your hen or stag party? Want to add an element of wellbeing to your family get-together? Or fancy a fun activity for a birthday? Why not try a Celebration Yoga session? 

As with our classes and workshops, our Celebration Yoga sessions will be designed around you and your celebration. All levels of experience are welcome and actively encouraged. As are any requests regarding what the sessions may include. Celebration Yoga is a fun way to be active, maybe try something new, and allow a calming pause amongst the potential chaos of your celebrations ;)

How it works:

  • Brief: At an initial consultation - either in person or over the phone, you can tell us all about your celebration: the number of people, the venue, how much time you have and what you wish the focus to be.

  • Booking: Once the booking has been confirmed, we will then discuss timings and any preparations or materials needed.

  • Payment: These sessions are invoiced in advanced and must be paid 14 days prior to the event. We understand events don't always go to plan or schedule, so any extra expenses, such as additional hours, will be invoiced separately after the event, so there is no need to worry if sessions need to run over time.